Kenbe Fem

A Haitian Story of Survival, Unity & Strength

Follow David Pierre-Louis, a mission-driven, Haitian-American entrepreneur based out of Seattle, WA as he journeys to find his mother in Haiti after the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake of January 12, 2010. While immersed in the ruins, he fights to fill the gaps left by the Haitian government & various NGOs.

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About the documentary...

Kenbe Fem, roughly translated as “to hold firm”, is a common phrase in Haitian culture. It represents the resilience of the Haitian community and highlights the Haitian spirit after the 2010 earthquake that devasted over 250,000 people and homes.

Follow David Pierre-Louis, a Haitian-American, on a son’s journey to find his mother after the earthquake. Immersed in the ruins, he is challenged to fill the gaps left behind by the government & various organizations.This film is raw, powerful, and touches on the pulse of the human will to gather and create hope. Join us on the journey to heal Haiti, through the empowerment of the Haitian Diaspora. Observe the formation of partnerships between international communities.

Engage as we rebuild his mother’s home into Kay Tita, a thriving community resource center that will provide unprecedented tools for Haiti to become the self-sustained nation they are willed to be.