Kenbe Fem has been selected to be screened during 16th annual Montreal International Black Film Festival! September 23rd - October 4th! We are extremely honored.

“Kenbe fem is such a powerful and important documentary that truly deserves to be seen by our audience. Being Haitian myself and having been in Haiti during the earthquake, I was quite moved by the story, congratulations again to you, to Mark,  and your entire team. - Sr. Programmer 

“I believe that the natural evolution and sustainability of a community is when those that have migrated in search of resources, make their way back home to be a part of the solution” - David Pierre-Louis

We're excited that you are interested in learning more about future screenings of Kenbe Fem.

We are looking for opportunities to build awareness, cultivate community through watching, listening and engaging in thought provoking discussions that lead to sustainable opportunities for the community we are serving throughout Port-au-Prince.

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