Kay Tita, launches inaugural Startup Week Tacoma

Startup Week Tacoma
October 17, 2023

[TACOMA, WA] — Kay Tita, an integrity-driven social enterprise dedicated to connecting resources, access, and opportunities to empower historically under-resourced communities, is set to extend its reach and impact to Tacoma, WA, in collaboration with a prestigious group of partners. 

For the past seven years, Kay Tita and Impact Hub Port-au-Prince has been at the forefront of organizing Startup Week in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This dynamic collaboration has yielded remarkable results, hosting over 250 sessions and engaging more than 3000 participants, showcasing the transformative power of entrepreneurship in underserved communities.

Kay Tita is thrilled to expand their mission to Tacoma, Washington, in partnership with Comcast, the City of Tacoma, Startup253, Maritime Blue, Goodwill Milgard Work Opportunity Center, Spaceworks Tacoma, Tacoma Arts Live, Pivot Partner, 3Collegey, Konbit Cafe, Haiti Coffee Co., Block Inc, Kami Social Media Agency, National Professional Women of Color Network, Kingdom Financial Solutions, Surfrider Media, William Factory Small Business Incubator, Rae Enterprise, Terrestrious, True Adventure Collective, New Tech NW, Foster's Creative, WTIA, UW Tacoma, Foster's Creative, and Black Future Co-op Fund.

Together, we will celebrate innovation, build meaningful connections, and drive positive change in Tacoma."

Together, this strong coalition will present the inaugural Techstars Startup Week Tacoma, scheduled to run from October 30, 2023 through November 3, 2023, offering a dynamic platform for innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

Techstars Startup Week Tacoma: Collective Energy in Action

This five-day event promises to be a catalyst for innovation and empowerment, featuring a diverse array of tracks tailored to the unique needs of Tacoma's entrepreneurial community. 

These tracks include the Fundraising Track, Inclusivity/Resources Track, Mental Health Track, Digital Equity Track, Financial Literacy Track, and Marketing Track.

Startup Week Tacoma is free to the community for all participants to attend; and boasts over 45 sessions, ranging from Black Futures + Black Funding Fireside Chat with Senator T'wina Nobles, Mastering Business Finances with Wave Robinson, Intro to Mindfulness for Founders with Kate Dillion Levers, The Digital Sales Access Program,  Coffee with CoFounders hosted by Startup253 featuring Alicia Ortiz at Campfire Coffee, The Women in Tech STEAM Showcase, an interactive Haitian Cultural exchange of Stories from Port-au-Prince, Empowering the creative Art community, City of Tacoma - Tax and Licencing: What you need to know for small business and startup success,  Investor Speed Dating, and so much more. 

Quote from David Pierre-Louis, Executive Director of Kay Tita and founder of Port-au-Prince Startup Week.

“I'm truly excited to witness the profound impact of bridging our vibrant Haitian entrepreneurial community with the boundless innovation of the Pacific Northwest. Through this collaboration, we're not only building bridges but also forging a powerful gateway for collective growth, shared wisdom, and boundless opportunities. Together, we're writing a story of entrepreneurship that knows no borders, and our 'Collective Energy' will light the way towards a brighter future for all."


Quote from Karina Martija-Harris | Program Manager, Maritime Blue

”Startup Week Tacoma is important for Tacoma as well as the surrounding area because Tacoma has so much to offer, such as the welcoming community and the resources for startups and small businesses to thrive and scale.”

Event Details:

  • Date: October 30, 2023 - November 3, 2023
  • Location(s): Goodwill Milgard Work Opportunity Center, Tacoma Arts Live, Simply Hot Yoga, UW Tacoma, Traction Space, Tacoma Urban League, People's Community Center & Pool, Tacoma Art Museum, Campfire Coffee Co., Center for Urban Waters, Heritage Coffee and Plant House 
  • Full Event Schedule & Registration: Startupweektacoma.com

About Kay Tita:

Kay Tita is an integrity-driven social enterprise that is dedicated to connecting resources, access, and opportunities to fuel the dreams and aspirations of historically under-resourced communities. With a successful track record of organizing Startup Week in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Kay Tita is extending its impact to Tacoma, WA, with Techstars Startup Week Tacoma.

For media inquiries, interviews, or additional information, please contact Nastasia Joseph at 707-408-8482 or nastassia@kaytita.org.

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Impact Hub

Impact Hub Port-Au-Prince takes an authentic approach to developing community, inspiring members through sustainable practices. Emphasizing progressive inclusivity and transparency, Impact Hub aims to preserve and expand Port-Au-Prince’s creative and thriving entrepreneurial culture. We hope to reach maximum effectiveness with the intentional practice of accountability. Guided by love, respect, honor, and trust, we always seek to refine, elevate, and restore the health of our community.

Infinitum Humanitarian Systems

will direct a training and operations program within Impact Hub called GeoHaiti. GeoHaiti trains adults on geospatial information systems (GIS) that serve to improve community disaster resilience. Training topics include community communications, water and sanitation management, environmental preservation, public health measures, community disease surveillance, sustainable infrastructure, and hazard analysis.

Living Building Challenge

Kay Tita will be the greenest commercial building in Haiti since it will be constructed according to The Living Building Challenge (LBC) standards, considered the most rigorous environmental performance standard. People from around the world use this regenerative design framework to create spaces that produce more energy than they utilize.


MUCE EDUCATES is an organization co-founded by Barthelemy Mervil, David Pierre-Louis’ brother, and utilizes arts promote intercultural exchange and to bring an end to cyclical poverty. MUCE is committed to teaching the visual arts to youth in urban areas so that they may compete in the global market. The organization provides educational workshops and opportunities for the emerging labor force with an emphasis on production in arts and culture.

Haiti Coffee Co

Haiti Coffee Co. is a U.S. based company that imports Haitian Coffee while working towards infrastructure development that directly benefits the farmers from whom they source. The organization provides solutions that address deforestation, environmental sustainability, agriculture training, and infrastructure development.

Impact Bio Energy

Seattle‐based startup, Impact Bioenergy, manufactures and sells bioenergy systems that convert organic waste materials into renewable natural gas and fertilizer with zero waste.

Ambient Water

Ambient Water (formerly AWG International) is Washington state based company that uses  a patented technology that transforms humidity into an abundant source of safe, clean water.

Startup Week

Startup Week brings entrepreneurs, local leaders, and friends together over five days to build momentum for their vision for change.

The DoSchool

The DoSchool develops experiential learning programs centered around innovation and facilitates opportunities for entrepreneurs to move from ideation to implementation.

Yes Baby I Like It Raw

Yes Baby I Like it Raw helps people tap into their raw potential and “process the unprocessed life” by developing health and wellness programming such as yoga meditation, and nutrition.

Days for Girls

Days for Girls puts freedom and opportunity back into the hands of women and girls by providing sustainable hygiene solutions.