DSAP Summit Cohort Recap Program Coordinator (Part-time)

Kay Tita
February 24, 2024

**Job Description:**

The DSAP Summit Cohort Recap Program aims to capture and showcase the experiences, successes, and challenges faced by past participants of the Digital Sales Access Program. Through in-depth interviews and information gathering, this initiative seeks to create a compelling recap that not only highlights the impact of the program on businesses but also serves as an inspirational resource for potential future participants.

**Key Responsibilities:**

1. **Ramp-Up:**

   - Develop survey questions to gather relevant data.


2. **Participant Interviews:**

   - Conduct 50 structured interviews with a diverse selection of past DSAP cohort participants.

   - Explore their journeys before, during, and after the DSAP Summit.

   - Gather insights into how the program influenced their business strategies, digital capabilities, and overall growth.

3. **Success Stories and Testimonials:**

   - Compile success stories and testimonials from participants who have witnessed tangible improvements in their businesses due to DSAP.

   - Highlight real-world examples of program impact, including enhancements in digital literacy and financial management.

4. **Challenges and Learnings:**

   - Address challenges faced by participants and document the strategies employed to overcome them.

   - Provide valuable insights for future cohorts and offer practical solutions to common digital transformation hurdles.

5. **Visual Documentation:**

   - Enhance the recap with visual elements such as images, video snippets, and infographics.

   - Create visually engaging and informative presentations to convey the vibrancy of the DSAP community and participants' transformational journeys.

6. **Impact Metrics:**

   - Collect and present measurable data on the growth and development of businesses post-DSAP.

   - Showcase increased sales figures, expanded online presence, and improvements in financial management as key impact metrics.

7. **Community Engagement:**

   - Foster community engagement by involving past DSAP participants in the recap process.

   - Host a virtual roundtable discussion, webinars, or interactive sessions to facilitate knowledge sharing and inspire future participants.

**Expected Outcomes:**

- **Inspiration for Future Cohorts:** Showcase the transformative potential of DSAP, encouraging potential participants to embark on their digital journey.

- **Community Building:** Strengthen the DSAP community by fostering connections among past and current participants.

- **Program Enhancement:** Use participant feedback to inform future iterations of DSAP Summit.


- Milestone 1 to Milestone 12: Detailed project plan, survey development, focus groups, participant interviews, success stories compilation, challenges documentation, visual content creation, impact metrics collection, community engagement initiatives, drafting and dissemination of DSAP recap, program evaluation, and lessons learned.

This position offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the empowerment of Seattle-based businesses through digital transformation initiatives. If you are passionate about storytelling, community engagement, and making a tangible impact, we encourage you to apply.

**Position Type:** Part-time

**Pay Rate:** $25.00 per hour

**Total Hours:** 175 hours

**Key Dates:**

These key dates provide a timeline for the execution of tasks and deliverables within the DSAP Summit Cohort Recap Program. The coordinator will be expected to adhere to these deadlines to ensure the successful completion of the project.

- **Start Date:** Immediately upon hiring

- **Video Interviews Completed By:** April 15th

- **Final Report Due By:** May 30th

**Minimum Requirements:**

1. **Education:** 

   - Bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as Communications, Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field. 

2. **Experience:**

   - Demonstrated experience in project coordination, preferably in a community engagement or program management role.

   - Experience conducting interviews, focus groups, or similar qualitative research activities.

   - Proficiency in gathering and analyzing data to inform decision-making and program improvement.

   - Strong writing skills with the ability to draft clear and concise reports, summaries, and communications materials.

3. **Skills:**

   - Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to engage effectively with diverse stakeholders, including program participants, community members, and external partners.

   - Strong organizational skills and attention to detail, with the ability to manage multiple tasks and deadlines simultaneously.

   - Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and experience with data analysis and visualization tools is preferred.

   - Familiarity with digital marketing, small business development, or entrepreneurship is a plus.


4. **Availability:**

   - Availability to work part-time, with flexibility to accommodate project milestones and deadlines.

   - Ability to commit to the specified start date and adhere to the key dates outlined for the project.

5. **Personal Qualities:**

   - Self-motivated and proactive, with a demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently.

   - A passion for storytelling and community engagement, with a commitment to amplifying the voices and experiences of program participants.

   - Adherence to ethical standards and confidentiality in handling sensitive participant information.

   - Strong problem-solving skills and a collaborative mindset, with a willingness to collaborate with team members and adapt to changing priorities.

Please apply for this positon by sending a resume and cover letter to joinourteam@kaytita.org.

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